Haiku 1.0 beta är snart här

  • Det tog bara 4-5 år i nån sorts alpha-version. Haiku är för de som inte vet den en klon av klassiska BeOS som gick i graven för 17-18 år sen nu.

    Hello Haikuvians,

    At last, R1/beta1 is nearly upon us. Only two non-“task” issues remain
    in the beta1 milestone, and I have prototype solutions for both. The
    buildbot and other major services have been rehabilitated and will
    need only minor tweaking to handle the new branch, and mmlr has been
    massaging the HaikuPorter buildmaster so that it, too, can handle the
    new branch, though that work is not quite finished yet.

    So essentially all that stands between us and the release itself is a
    lot of testing, and more testing, and polishing all the little bits
    and pieces we’ve neglected along the way. I’ve already begun drafting
    the release notes [1], and the i18n translation tools have been
    synchronized with master, so even though the string freeze hasn’t
    happened yet, the bulk of the translation work can begin.

    So, unless anyone has any objections, I’ll finalize kallisti5’s old
    release timeline [2] and add actual dates to it. Under that model, we
    are in a “soft freeze” for the next two weeks, followed by rigorous
    testing for a month (actually, I think we can tighten that to two
    weeks; and begin the month-long testing process immediately.) I will
    be heading back to university this weekend, and my availability will
    decrease significantly after about the first month or so.

    The only major changeset that I think we could still stand to merge is
    jessicah’s support for hybrid EFI+MBR loaders in the build system. But
    even this isn’t imperative, as we can already do this manually via a
    sequence of commands.

    Otherwise: speak now, or forever hold your peace, and let’s finally
    get this thing in the can.


    1: https://github.com/haiku/website/blob/master/content/get-haiku/release-notes-r1b1.md
    2: https://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/R1/Beta1/Timeline

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